2022 release schedule

Whether you are a Reckless Yes member or you are just looking out for new music here is what our 2022 release schedule has in store. We’ll be adding to this as records are announced (or confirmed).

We are expecting 5 LPs, plus 5 other format album and EP releases. Sign up to our mailing list for news on releases as we have it.

Reckless Yes 2022 release schedule

Due to issues with production of music caused by a wicked combination of COVID and Brexit we expect most of our 2022 releases to fall in the second half of the year.


Announced so far – more to come:

  • The Crystal FursIn Coastal Light – expected Autumn


  • There is currently an industry-wide delay to production of vinyl with lead-in times of 8-10 months. Even with this extended lead-in time vinyl may be delayed beyond a scheduled release date – this has been exacerbated by Majors blocking out all plants and leading to further delays
  • There is also a worldwide shortage of coloured dyes for vinyl pellets. We will continue to order ‘eco’ vinyl (where left over virgin pellets from other runs are combined meaning less waste in the manufacturing process) but the lucky dip colour you receive is likely to be solid black
  • Shipping too is utterly scuppered right now – if you live outside the UK we recommend you order direct from your local record shop (who can order in via Cargo or their international partners). Ordering direct for shipment from the UK is likely to be expensive, take a long time to arrive, more likely to go missing, and could incur local custom charges too
  • And finally – there is a worldwide shortage of packaging materials meaning costs have gone up or we may not be posting out in our usual mailers


Releases yet to be announced…check back soon.


Releases yet to be announced…check back soon.