Reckless Yes Publishing is an independent publisher of eBooks and paperbacks.

We apply the DIY ethos of our record label – building strong networks and finding alternative routes to the narrow traditional channels which are so heavily controlled. Currently we are focused on short print runs and eBook publishing for first time authors.

You can find our books in our online shop, or order a copy or get an eBook from our authors, Amazon or other selected retailers.

Reckless Yes Publishing: our books

  • Pentrich: England’s Last Uprising by Peter Darrington (RY006, eBook and paperback, 9 June 2017)
  • The Winter Passing (House of Morrigan Book One) by Sarah Lay (RY018, eBook and paperback, 21 June 2018)


We have submission windows at specific times and it is currently closed. Follow us on Twitter or Facebook for the latest information