Grawl!x is the solo project of Derby-based musician and filmmaker Maria Machin.

Grawl!x by Laura Mitchell Photography

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“Dream pop should sound this way: beautiful, assured, intriguing and resonant” – Louder Than War

“Prepare yourself to be swept up into a whole wondrous world of colour and feeling” – The 405

“Twists the conventional instrumentation and infuses it with innovative performance techniques, cinematic sensibilities and aspects of electronic production” – Echoes and Dust

“What’s arguably most remarkable about the album trilogy is the sheer ambition and variety on show” – For The Rabbits

The solo project of Derby-based multi-instrumentalist Maria Machin Grawl!x release fourth album Peeps in February 2020 on Reckless Yes.

Their first release for the label – 2018 LP Appendix – was the final album in a trilogy about grief. It followed Good Grief (2015) and Aye! (2016) both of which were released through Time Travel Opp Records. Far from being gloomy across the three albums are ethereal and uplifting moments, ambience and richly orchestrated songs. And just like grief they are not a linear listen but rather form a whole, a spiral on which you find yourself returning to tracks and melodies within them, hearing something new and yet familiar each time.

This third album sits alongside the Grawl!x written and directed short film Fleeting, and includes contributions from Haiku Salut, composer Richard J Birkin, and guest vocals from Pet Crow’s Danielle Cotterill and Mighty Kids’ Shelley Jane Newman.

Following the release of single Epicene in 2019 (featuring Umbilica), and the self-release of an electronic debut album from ((MARIA)), fourth Grawl!x album Peeps is due in February 2020. Evolving the orchestrated dreampop sound with electronic flourishes through an exploration and celebration of friendship.

Of the album Machin said: “Having a friend is if nothing else: connection. Connection to something outside of yourself. Connection to an objective perspective. We’re social animals I the face of some pretty imposing spectres. You’re there to help each other; to live & laugh; even if it’s not forever. Most of the songs take the perspective of two little people holding each other’s hand against a daunting, existential back drop.”

Grawl!x has played with bands including Haiku Salut, and Richard.J.Birkin, and puts in mesmerising live performances adapting the music for solo performances or for up to a six-piece band. However they are played live – by many or few – or on record they are never short of astounding.

Please note: Grawl!x should always be written with the ! in place of the letter i, except where technology makes this impossible or unwise. Grawl!x is both a project of Maria Michael Machin and a live full band – both should be referred to with the pronoun them/they. 

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Music and discography


Appendix – listen on Spotify


  • Peeps – digital album – February 2020 on Reckless Yes
  • Epicene (feat. Umbilica) – digital single – July 2019 on Reckless Yes
  • Minutiae – digital single – November 2018
  • Appendix – LP – 2018 on Reckless Yes
  • Appendix b – digital single – 2018 on Reckless Yes
  • Don’t Do It To Yourself (feat. Danielle Cotterill) – digital single – 2018 on Reckless Yes
  • Empathy – digital single – 2017 on Reckless Yes
  • Aye! – LP – 2016 on Time Travel Opps
  • I Don’t Know What To Tell You – digital single – 2016
  • Good Grief – LP – 2015 on Time Travel Opps
  • Run Forever – digital single – 2014




Don’t Do It To Yourself

Appendix B

Live shows

For a full list of live shows please take a look at Grawl!x’ website – live highlights below:

  • The Finsbury, London – 14 February (w/ Piney Gir and Captain Handsome for Get In Her Ears)
  • Rough Trade, Nottingham – 15 February – Album Launch Show
  • Divine Schism, Oxford – 16 February

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