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When we started Reckless Yes we thought of it as a community rather than a company. As we’ve grown our roster it’s become more like a family within that community and we’re growing all the time.

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Reckless Yes roster

Current artists

Bitch Hunt

Bitch HuntFor The Rabbits described them as spanning the middle ground between Hole and Elastica, while Get In Her Ears sum up the London-based queercore 4 piece Bitch Hunt’s sound as being  ‘filled with catchy, scuzzy hooks, a subtle tongue-in-cheek wit and gritty deadpan vocals’. They say their influences run from Radiohead to Weezer. We, quite simply, love them. 

Forming at First Timers Fest and following a split cassette release with adults on For The Sake Of Tapes, Bitch Hunt join the Reckless Yes roster ahead of a 2021 release.

Find Bitch Hunt on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and SpotifyAll press enquiries to sarah@recklessyes.com

Breakup Haircut

Breakup Haircut

Formed at First Timers Festival Breakup Haircut put out a debut EP with Hell Hath No Fury Records which we totally fell in love with, and now they’re joining RY ahead of new music in 2021. 

Loud Women described them as  having “the kooky quirkiness of early Television Personalities or Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers, with a side order of Shonen Knife” and the band has already stepped up live to support Big Joanie. Pure, perfect, punk pop that you’re going to love as much as we do. 

Find Breakup Haircut on Bandcamp, Spotify, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. All press enquiries to sarah@recklessyes.com


Bugeye Ferocious in their DIY spirit the band take a bold approach to their sound, mixing the fun and hedonistic nature of disco beats, the futuristic sweeps of electronics, and pining it all down with unrelenting punk-influenced guitars, plus personal yet political lyrics. They are doing something different within the wider scene of female-led punk and we couldn’t be more excited by it. 

Originally formed in the late ‘90s where the band played everywhere from the Astoria to Wembley, their as-yet-untitled album – produced by Paul Tipler (Idlewild, Cable, LIINES, Placebo, Elastica) – is expected to be released in the first half of 2020 and will be available to Reckless Yes members as well as getting a general retail release.

Find Bugeye on their website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. For press enquiries please contact Sarah at Reckless Yes and for live bookings Andy Reed at Midnight Mango.

Captain Handsome

Captain HandsomeCaptain Handsome – the solo project of Lily from Fightmilk – create songs which sound pretty, have both a pop and minimalist vibe, and are about the kind of stuff you lie awake thinking about for years after they have happened, curdling with embarrassment.

These are songs which are quiet, relatable and sensitive without becoming sentimental. Influenced by Dolly Parton, Kirsty MacColl, and Mitski these are observations of the minutiae of life turned into lo-fi yet gigantic pop songs; an exploration of the musically weird and navigating the strange and sometimes difficult terrain of your internal world.

You can find Captain Handsome on Twitter and Facebook. For all press enquiries please contact sarah@recklessyes.com.

Catherine Ireton

Catherine IretonCatherine is lead singer of Belle and Sebastian’s album God Help the Girl released in 2009. Since then she has been creating theatre and music and touring internationally. 

Her own music is also narrative led, creating worlds within her music, she focuses on exploring ordinary and everyday things or people that we might overlook, layering everyday sounds as a tapestry upon which to place her song and voice. 

Her latest music is a style that she describes as Intimate Sonic Portraiture is a celebration of the smallness of things, and she has joined Reckless Yes ahead of a planned 2022 release. 

You can find more on Catherine Ireton on her website: http://www.catherineireton.com/ . All press enquiries to sarah@recklessyes.com.



Chorusgirl make noisepop, blending the sounds of Lush, the Cure, The Breeders, Pulp, the Bangles, surf, girl groups, melodies, dirt, jangle and noise into a swirling & shimmering mix that spins your head until you’re dizzy. The lyrics are personal, delicate and angry, about losing and giving up, but all of that heartache and anger is layered underneath enough noisy rubble and happy fizz.

They’ve drawn praise from Noisey, For The Rabbits, The Line of Best Fit, Drowned In Sound, Loud & Quiet as well as playlisting on 6Music. Led by Silvi Wersing they released their self-titled debut album on Fortuna POP! in 2015 and follow up, Shimmer and Spin, was released through us on vinyl, CD and digitally in November 2018. Order your copy here.

You can find Chorusgirl on their website, Facebook, Twitter, and Spotify. For press enquiries please contact sarah@recklessyes.com and find information for press and promoters here.

The Crystal Furs

The Crystal Furs

Resonating with unashamed indiepop vibes in the style of Sarah Records, Portland, USA-based The Crystal Furs will be bringing a full release to their third album, Beautiful and True, via Reckless Yes in 2021. 

50thirdand3rd described them as having, “a radiant sound that recalls the works of other indie-pop darlings like Snail Mail, and Girl In Red along with seminal bands like, Camera Obscura, Throwing Muses and The Bangles” and they’ve also drawn praise from Get In Her Ears, Austin Town Hall, and more. 

You can find The Crystal Furs on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Bandcamp, and Spotify. All press enquiries to sarah@recklessyes.com


DuckFollowing a limited digital and CD release of second album There Are No Normal Conversations Any More via Hell Hath No Fury Records in February 2020 Sheffield / Leeds three-piece Duck joined the Reckless Yes roster for a vinyl release of the record. 

A somewhat overlooked album in the melee of early 2020 the second full-length record from Duck was picked up by Reckless Yes for a vinyl ‘re-issue’, intended to reach a wider audience for the mix of wonky synth/guitar noisepop made stand-out from peers by the dark touches of industrial and electronica.  

Find Duck on Bandcamp, Spotify, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. All press enquiries sarah@recklessyes.com

Eilis Frawley

Eilis FrawleyEilis Frawley combines direct and unforgiving spoken word amidst kraut-like rhythms. With a focus on social structures, feminism, and mental health, she speaks truth to creative insecurities, personal tragedies, and the impacts of living abroad.

In 2019 Frawley’s solo project debuted with multiple tours in Germany, the UK and Australia. Her first two EP’s, ‘Never Too Emotional‘, and ‘Adult Life’ were released via Reckless Yes records in 2020.

Currently working with producer Kat Frankie Frawley is currently recording her Debut Album set for release in the later half of 2022.

Eilis Frawley is a classically trained percussionist from the Elder Conservatorium of Music in Adelaide, Australia. She spent a number of years in Seoul, South Korea, where she played in various bands before relocating to Berlin in 2016. Frawley currently works as a freelance drummer and works with Laura Lee and The Jettes, Kara Delik, Anika (Live band), Adna (Live band)

Frawley is also the brainchild behind Bang On, a Berlin-based platform founded in 2016 for emerging artists, with a strong emphasis on support for lgbtqi+ artists and community.

Find Eilis on her website, Facebook and Instagram. For all press enquiries contact sarah@recklessyes.com.

Electric Pets

Weaving a rich tapestry of mature dark-pop with garage rock swagger, Electric Pets unashamedly draw influence from the foundations of rock n’roll history and framing it firmly with a twenty-first century styling.

It’s all here: the distinctive twang of rockabilly and surf, breathy ‘60s-girl-group-vocals, Joe Meek-esque retro-futurist-electronica and bluesy fuzzed out JackWhite-like riffs. Electric Pets are the sleazy dive-bar band you wish were providing the soundtrack to a Quentin Tarantino movie that doesn’t exist yet.

A debut EP – Rhinoceros – is on the way in summer 2022. 

Find Electric Pets on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Bandcamp and Spotify. For all press enquiries contact sarah@recklessyes.com.


Fightmilk press shot 2019

It was love at first listen with Fightmilk when we played tracks from their debut EP on our radio show, The Rumble, back in 2016.

Since they they’ve released an EP via the ever-wonderful Fierce Panda EP Club and will now release their debut LP via us in autumn 2018.

Blending Elastica guitar cool and Pulp’s wry ‘kitchen-sink’ lyrical self deprecation Fightmilk are the soundtrack to your ‘why can’t I adult like everyone else my age?’ life. You need them in your ears!

The debut LP Not With That Attitude was released on limited edition pink vinyl, CD and digitally in November 2018. Order a copy here. The album gained a fan in Steve Lamacq (6Music) as well as praise from Echoes and Dust, Drowned in Sound, Louder Than War magazine and appeared in many end of year picks.

You can find Fightmilk on Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter and Spotify. For press enquiries please get in touch with sarah@recklessyes.com.

Feral Five

Feral FiveFeral Five make electronica with attitude, sonic elixir for our dystopian C21st.

Their debut album ‘Truth Is The New Gold’ released in February 2023, on Vinyl, CD and Digital, and features both AI and human voices.

The Ferals glide seamlessly between dance music, experimental electronica, and cinematic landscapes, fusing snarling guitars, sparkling synths, and ferocious beats.

You can find Feral Five on Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter, and Spotify

French For Rabbits

French for RabbitsNew Zealand dream-pop luminaries French For Rabbits join the Reckless Yes roster ahead of the release of their third album.

Creating hauntingly beautiful songs which are dreamy, musically detailed, and deliver an emotionally impactful sound Stereogum said of them: “their music’s beating heart is often shrouded by atmospherics and mystique, and they seem to operate under the rightful assumption that a well-placed whisper can be as powerful as dramatically belting it out.”

More to come on the release, which will be in collaboration with AAA Records (NZ / Aus), and A Modest Proposal (Italy) with Reckless Yes handling for the UK and elsewhere. 

You can find French For Rabbits on Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Spotify, and their website. For press enquiries please get in touch with Ellie at Someone Great PR (UK): ellie@someonegreatpr.com


GodNo! black and white band image showing members at a kitchen tableSomewhat of a supergroup with plenty of Reckless Yes alumni among their number GodNo! are making experimental noise rock taking inspirational cues from pioneering groups such as Sonic Youth, Talking Heads, Huggy Bear and Slint.

The unmistakable angular guitar style of Cable is blended with the melodic post hardcore chord progressions and staccato bass of Lonely Robot and Sex Jokes respectively, while fans of Pet Crow will be familiar with the scatter gun garage drums binding it together. A band very much a sum of its parts, with collaboration and equality at its heart – a debut EP is expected in early 2020.

You can find GodNo! on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. All press enquiries to sarah@recklessyes.com.


Grawl!x by Laura Mitchell PhotographyGrawl!x is the solo project of Derby-based musician and filmmaker Maria Machin. Their first release with Reckless Yes was the final album in his trilogy about grief; Appendix was released in April 2018 on vinyl and digitally.

Appendix followed Good Grief (2015) and Aye! (2016) and like them has melancholy moments but are affirming, even uplifting, soundscapes of love rather than loss. This third album sits alongside the Grawl!x written and directed short film Fleeting, and includes contributions from Haiku Salut, composer Richard J Birkin, and guest vocals from Pet Crow’s Danielle Cotterill and Mighty Kids’ Shelley Jane Newman.

Fourth album Peeps was released in February 2020 and evolves the orchestrated dreampop sound to bring in electronic flourishes in an exploration of platonic friendship and identity.

You can find Grawl!x on Bandcamp, on Facebook and on Twitter. All press enquiries to sarah@recklessyes.com and find full information for press and promoters here.

Hannah Rose Kessler

Hannah Rose Kessler

Cumbria-based Hannah Rose Kessler is an artist with a singular creative vision, which not only shines through in her music but in her visual work around it.

She doesn’t shy away from difficult themes in her writing, and draws on personal experience in a way which resonates more broadly, while also echoing some really incredible influences on her sound from PJ Harvey and Patti Smith through to Nine Inch Nails, ’80s pop and dub.

Following on from self-released albums and recent single I Really Wanna Kessler has joined Reckless Yes ahead of the release of new music in the form of EP My Theories On The Apocalypse in 2021.

You can find Hannah Rose Kessler on Bandcamp, Spotify, Facebook and Instagram. All press enquiries to sarah@recklessyes.com.

Hearts Beating In Time

Hearts Beating In Time by Leo ChircopMaking gorgeously glitchy lo-fi electronic dreampop Hearts Beating In Time is the solo work of singer-songwriter Rebecca Theuma. 

Based between Malta and Berlin she brings together echoey vocals, moving beats and layered synths to deliver hopelessly romantic lyrics against the backdrop of ‘80s influenced sounds. 

Making music as a solo artist since 2018 she has self-released two albums as Hearts Beating In Time and joins Reckless Yes to build her profile as an exciting emerging artist. 

You can find Hearts Beating In Time on Bandcamp, Facebook and Instagram. All press enquiries to sarah@recklessyes.com.

Japan Review

Japan ReviewJapan Review is the experimental pop project of Adam O’Sullivan with an ever-changing line up of musicians helping to build his ethereal drone soundscapes.

Initially formed in 2014 a debut EP  – JUNO – was written and recorded with fellow Beach Volleyball alumni Dom Ashton last year, and was released through Reckless Yes in March 2019. Follow up single On Auto Now got an autumn 2019 release and full length debut Kvetch Sounds was released in autumn  2021.

Taking influence from The Radio Dept., Four Tet, Mount Eerie and Beach House their sound may be best summed up as sad dance music.

You can find Japan Review on Facebook, Twitter, Bandcamp and Instagram. Make sure you are signed up to our mailing list to hear first when new music is available.

For press enquiries contact sarah@recklessyes.com.

Junk Whale

Junk Whale by Tom TurnerWith echoes of Idlewild, Martha, and Hundred Reasons Oxford’s Junk Whale self-released their self-titled debut album in 2019 before expanding to a four-piece and signing with us at Reckless Yes. 

Vulturehound said the band had, “An infectious brand of emo-inflected grunge pop, think Dinosaur Jr meets Pinkerton-era Weezer” and their EP Caught In The Act Of Looking Weird will build on this sound, slated for release in July 2022. 

You can find Junk Whale on Bandcamp, Spotify, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

For press enquiries contact sarah@recklessyes.com.


LIINES by AsupremeshotLIINES are a post-punk trio from Manchester who are gathering a reputation as one of the best bands on the scene right now. They released 7″ single Disappear / Be Here with us in 2016, followed by debut album Stop-Start in 2018, digital single On and On in 2019, and 7″ single Sorry in 2020. Between March 2016 and May 2019 they were part of our management roster to focus and accelerate toward success.

Their Paul Tipler- produced releases gathered them acclaim from Q Magazine, BBC 6Music, Radio X, The Quietus, God is in the TV, Louder Than War, Gigslutz, Collapseboard, Even the Stars, The National Student, Get In Her Ears, and Loud Women among many others. They found recognition in many end of year lists, including with the Guardian, for Stop-Start with the white vinyl run selling out soon after release.

The band secured PRS funding in 2017 and this has helped support them to the release of their debut album. In 2019 the band supported Sleaford Mods on a 32-date tour of England and Wales, played their biggest headline dates yet, and secured slots at festivals including Kendal Calling, Cotton Clouds, and Confessional.

You can find LIINES on their websiteFacebook, Twitter and Soundcloud. For press enquiries contact sarah@recklessyes.com and find full information for press and promoters here.

Nervous Twitch

Nervous Twitch press photoLouder Than War describes Leeds-based three-piece Nervous Twitch as, “paying homage to the Ramones and their favourite 60s girl-groups via the medium of punky pop songs”, and we wouldn’t disagree.

Having previously released with Punk Fox and Odd Box their first three albums – Get Back In Line (2015), Don’t Take My TV (2016) and I Won’t Hide (2017) – will be reissued digitally via Reckless Yes in 2020 ahead of their self-titled fourth album on vinyl, CD and digital in early 2021. 

Find Nervous Twitch on Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. For press enquiries contact sarah@recklessyes.com

Order of the Toad

Order of the Toad band portraitGlasgow trio Order of the Toad are making music which sounds quite unlike anything else around at the moment.

We’ll be releasing their second album (Re-Order of the Toad) in 2020 as a co-release with Gringo Records and to give you an idea of what to expect check out how Monorail Music described the band: “Melodically, Order of the Toad have something of a medieval fixation, filtered through late 60s influences which end up sounding something like Jefferson Airplane – not least in vocalist Gemma “The Wharves” Fleet’s powerful lung-force – mixed with British psyche heat.. think Kaleidoscope or even Syd Barrett drug-damaged whimsy. There’s no other band doing this in the U.K. that we know of, a musically rich tapestry woven from strands outside current trends.”

You can find Order of the Toad on Facebook, Twitter, and InstagramSpotify and other digital platforms. You can find Gringo Records here. For press enquiries contact sarah@recklessyes.com.

The Other Ones

The Other OnesNightshift Magazine described London power-pop four-piece The Other Ones as, “where the gutsy politics of Sleater-Kinney meets the playfulness of The Ramones, their clever lyricism brings to mind The Buzzcocks” while Gappy Tooth hit the nail saying they are, “one of those bands that you feel the need to sing along to, even though you’ve never heard their music before.”

Having self-released several singles the band now joins Reckless Yes ahead of the self-titled debut album released in early 2021 (out now on CD and digital). 

You can find The Other Ones on their website, Bandcamp, Spotify, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. All press enquiries contact sarah@recklessyes.com

Touching Box

Touching BoxRobert Kretzschmar and Josepha Conrad are Berlin-based Touching Box. 

Touching Box is about intimacy and alienation. It is about longing for touch and turning to objects. It is not thinking out of the box, but touching boxes, exploring the inanimate and breathing life into it: an analogue hiss, a warm synthesiser, a drum to be drummed, a bass to drop down to. And there are words, lots of them, sometimes they catalogue a single feeling, sometimes they catalogue an entire state. Soul meets lo-fi meets indie meets pop meets touching meets box. Touching box.

Josepha Conrad and Robert Kretzschmar are Berlin based musicians. They’ve been playing small and big stages. They’ve travelled, they’ve danced, they’ve been friends for a while. In 2015, Robert joined Josepha on one of her Susie Asado tours. As the songs began to transform, they started to imagine making something of their own. In the spring of 2020, as cities shut down due to the pandemic, Robert and Josepha joined forces and recorded their musical visions.

Joining Reckless Yes ahead of a 2022 album release you can find more about Touching Box on their website: www.touchingbox.com. All press enquiries to sarah@recklessyes.com.

Panic Pocket

Panic PocketLong-term BFFs Sophie and Natalie formed Panic Pocket in 2017 for First Timers Festival and have since found themselves described as ‘lo-fi electro-pop heroes’. With songs celebrating intense friendships and demonising shitty relationships, you can expect catchy choruses and killer harmonies in their songs about trash men, bad bosses and unrequited online lust.

The band released their debut EP Never Gonna Happen through Reckless Yes in April 2019, available on digital and CD (now sold out).

You can find Panic Pocket on Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Follow them on Spotify to be notified of new music. For press enquiries contact sarah@recklessyes.com.

Paper Birch

Paper Birch duo Fergus Lawrie and Dee SadaExperimental noise rock duo Paper Birch collaborated at a distance during lockdown to create debut album MORNINGHAIRWATER, which will get a full release on Reckless Yes on 30 July 2021. 

With both Dee Sada (of Albini-produced An Experiment On A Bird In An Air Pump) and Fergus Lawrie (of Urusai Yatsura) there is a rich heritage informing the sound – shoegazey, indiepoppish, noise rocking and which echoes not only with the influences of their past projects but at times with everything from Heavenly to Joy Division. 

You can find Paper Birch on their website and Twitter. All press enquiries to Ellie at Someone Great PR: ellie@someonegreatpr.com

Piney Gir

Piney Gir

With a seven-album deep back catalogue blending ’60s influences with alt-country Piney Gir has become known as the ‘indie Dolly Parton’; a songwriter who can write unforgettable melodies paired with personal stories hitting on universally resonant themes. 

A regular singer in Gaz Coombes’ band, tours under her belt with Ride and Noel Gallagher, her own music featured in film and TV (Grey’s Anatomy, Made In Chelsea and more) Piney Gir joins the Reckless Yes family ahead of new music in 2021, starting with EP Astral Spectra (out now). 

You can find Piney Gir on her website, Bandcamp, SpotifyFacebookTwitter, and Instagram. All press enquiries to sarah@recklessyes.com


thsheridansStalwarts of the DIY scene the duo th’sheridans – Adam Sherif and Julia Oertli – have been described by For The Rabbits as having: “a winning simplicity and honesty to the music th’sheridans make, it seems almost old fashioned in that sense; at a time when everything is loud and frenetic, they offer quiet contemplation, a moment away from the churn, a chance to remember it doesn’t always have to be quite so dramatic.”

Their quirky but incredibly catchy songs constantly defy genre pigeonholes and the lyrics never fail to bring a smile. Every song has a wry, subtle, intelligent wit all of its own and we’ll be helping you get to know their back catalogue as well as bringing you new music.

You can find th’sheridans on Bandcamp, Spotify, Twitter, and Instagram. All press enquiries to sarah@recklessyes.com.

Turkish Delight

Turkish DelightFamously Thurston Moore’s favourite band Boston’s Turkish Delight are a lost ‘90s classic indie band and their two albums – 1996’s Tommy Bell and 1998’s Howcha Magowcha, its unreleased follow up – are both astonishing and long overdue a reissue.

Described as the missing link between Belly and Sonic Youth CMJ said that they bring, ‘neurotic bizarritude to new heights” and the reissue of their two albums will surely bring their art rock sound to a new generation of listeners.

Tommy Bell and Howcha Magowcha were reissued in November 2019. You can find Turkish Delight’s music via iheartnoise on Bandcamp where both albums are available for download or on limited edition double CD.

The band are not accepting bookings but for press enquiries please contact sarah@recklessyes.com.