Let us help you to discover your new favourite band with our 2021 subscription – not only great sounding but saving you money while being fair to artists! Everyone’s a winner. 

Reckless Yes membership 2021 - All our releases, low price, + member benefits

Become a Reckless Yes member

For The Rabbits have called us “increasingly crucial”, Joyzine said we are a trusted source of consistently excellent new music”, while Cambridge Music Review said we’re, “fast becoming a haven for bold, fun, original and constantly challenging musicians”.

And now we’re offering you the chance to find your new favourite band by taking out a label membership and getting all our releases in the year. 

“having been a member of many vinyl clubs over the years I’ve finally found one that’s a perfect fit. Great progressive label, incredible new bands, and cheap as chips” – RY 2020 member

How our membership works

  1. You choose your tier – vinyl, CD or digital – and pay a one-off shipping fee
  2. Each quarter in 2021 we’ll send you our latest physical releases or you can access our digital vault any time
  3. You can check in to our private members community for chat, updates, and exclusives from our artists giving you the choice to enjoy our releases on your own, or as part of a community
  4. We’ll use subscription money toward the cost of our releases – and crucially this isn’t a cost we’ll be trying to recover through sales before paying our artists
  5. Sit back, and relax while listening to the best music around, knowing your subscription is helping independent artists keep creative control of their work and keep making music in difficult times. 

What our membership includes

Whichever subscription tier you choose you’ll get: 

  • all our 2021 releases
  • one flat postage fee covers you for the whole year wherever you are in the world
  • releases much cheaper than buying individually on general release
  • vinyl members get the most limited / exclusive colour vinyl
  • a lossless digital version of all 2021 releases – get access as soon as you join (releases added from 1 January 2021)
  • discounts on back catalogue and new releases
  • discounts on Reckless Yes merch
  • private members group to get all the latest news and access to our releases – control your notification so you know when there’s something new without the need to check-in all the time
  • and the knowledge you’re directly supporting independent artists.

Our 2021 releases

In 2021 we’ll be bringing you releases from Nervous Twitch, Fightmilk, Paper Birch, The Crystal Furs, Japan Review, Eilis Frawley, Piney Gir, th’sheridans, Bitch Hunt, Grawl!x and The Other Ones.

As 2020 showed us things can change at any time but we have a full schedule with 6 vinyl / CD album releases, and a further 5 album or EP releases with a format yet to be fixed. This means if you take out a vinyl membership you’re saving around £100 compared to buying those records individually on release – and you’re helping them even get made while doing so! 

Reckless Yes: a record label for social good

Not only are we bringing you the best music but we’re delivering on our social and environmental commitments to increase equality and diversity in the music industry, challenge unfair practices and advocate for artist rights (and their Rights), and do what we can toward better environmental and sustainable practices – there’s no music on a dead planet after all. 

Reckless Yes label membership 2021 – subscription tiers

The first step to becoming a member is to choose your subscription tier. Where our releases are available on your chosen format that’s what you’ll receive – but everyone gets access to our digital vault for lossless digital format downloads of every release in the year. 

Vinyl 2021

Early bird price: £66 + postage (sign up by 1 March 2021 for early bird rates)

What you get in your vinyl 2021 subscription: 

  • all the member benefits above plus
  • where we release on vinyl you’ll get the most limited / exclusive edition
  • where we only release a physical edition on CD you’ll get this
  • and you’ll get all releases in a digital lossless format
  • we’ll ship to you once a quarter – this means you may get some items ahead of general release, but some may be slightly afterwards. 

  • Sign up now for vinyl membership 2021

Don’t forget you can also buy as a gift – purchase as normal through the checkout and drop us an email to let us know who and where you’d like the membership to ship to. 

CD 2021

Early bird price: £42 + postage (sign up by 1 March 2021 for early bird rates)

Here’s what our CD members get:

  • all the member benefits above plus
  • all our CD releases direct to you – we ship once each quarter
  • you’ll get all releases in a digital lossless format.

  • Sign up now for CD membership

Don’t forget you can also buy as a gift – purchase as normal through the checkout and drop us an email to let us know who and where you’d like the membership to ship to.

Digital 2021

Early bird price: £30 (sign up by 31 March 2021 for early bird rates)


Don’t forget you can buy as a gift – purchase as normal through the checkout and drop us an email to let us know who should get access to our digital vault. 

How membership supports our artists

You get all this great music at a great price but how does membership support our artists? Well, simply, it means the costs of a release are reduced for them so they make more money back, faster.

Your membership fees go toward offsetting the costs of a release – manufacture, promotion etc – so more of the sales make a profit, which we split 50/50 with our artists. We try and keep release costs as low as possible by covering them through your membership, and also through our label profits so each release works for the artist.

Most record labels put these costs into a ‘recoup’ figure which must be fully recovered before any profit is made, and then rarely split profit as fairly as we do with artists.

We believe our model is fairer, and recognises the creative and financial effort which bands have already put into each piece of music before they even get to releasing it. With income from other places really low for artists (ahem, streaming and live promoters, looking at you) we’re doing all we can as a label to support them.

So – you get loads of great music at a great price and know you’re helping independent artists not just survive, but thrive. Join our membership right here.