Duck join Reckless Yes for vinyl release of There Are No Normal Conversations Any More

Sheffield / Leeds three-piece Duck bring their industrial-tinged wonky synth/guitar pop to Reckless Yes for a vinyl edition of their second album, There Are No Normal Conversations Any More


We’re very pleased to welcome wonky synth pop three-piece Duck to the Reckless Yes roster and open pre-orders for the vinyl edition of their second album There Are No Normal Conversations Any More. Following a limited CD and digital release through Hell Hath No Fury Records in early 2020 Sheffield / Leeds three-piece has joined the Reckless Yes for a vinyl edition of the record. 

A band who have played live with others on the Reckless Yes roster many times, and one we admire for their DIY spirit and support of others Duck seem a natural fit for Reckless Yes. In second album ‘There Are No Normal Conversations Any More’ they have pushed their sound forward with touches of industrial to their punk/electronica fusion making a raw, dark, energy to underpins tracks, but with plenty of variety across the record as a whole. 

On signing to the label the band said, “We are so very delighted to join Reckless Yes and their amazing roster of artists! We’ve long admired the label and what Sarah and Pete have achieved by building a welcoming and diverse home for musicians, including some incredible bands we have played with many times and gotten to know over the years too.

There Are No Normal Conversations Any More was a real labour of love, recorded and produced during a tumultuous time politically and personally in 2019, and then unleashed just before the worrying events of 2020 really took hold. Amazingly, Sarah and Pete really connected with the album, so it’s an honour that they approached us to release the album on vinyl for the first time under the Reckless Yes label. We can hardly wait until the record is available for Reckless Yes members and for the music-loving public, and we thank everyone for supporting it so far. We also hope to finally do an album tour that just wasn’t possible this year, and to see everyone again very soon.”

Reckless Yes co-founder Sarah Lay said, “Hell Hath No Fury is a label I really love for their roster and ethos, while Duck is a band we’re always pleased to see support others from the Reckless Yes roster live. I was hooked on There Are No Normal Conversations Any More from first listen – it’s got depth and detail that much in the synth-punk genre lacks, and was an album I kept returning to throughout the first half of the year. Pleasingly it was one which managed to be both quickly familiar, and gave up new detail on each listen. 

“As coronavirus changed the planned Reckless Yes release schedule for 2020, and knowing our membership would love this record as much as we do, we found the opportunity to approach the band about a vinyl release. Happily they were on board with the idea, Hell Hath No Fury were supportive of a release by us on vinyl, and we now can’t wait to bring this album to a wider audience.”

Reckless Yes co-founder Pete Darrington said, “We’ve had our eye on Duck for some time now as there’s no one around like them at the moment. They take what Sheffield is famous for – the sound of industry and electro pop – and blend them uniquely. Dirty sledgehammer beats with huge pop tunes. We couldn’t help but step in to try and bring this album to a wider audience.”

The eco-pressed ‘lucky dip’ coloured vinyl is available to pre-order via Bandcamp now and is shipping from around 20 November 2020. Today, of course, is a great day to order as it is Bandcamp Friday and they’re waiving their fee share again to make sure 100% of sales revenue goes direct to artists and labels. In what has been a devastating year for creatives and the music industry this is one way you can help independent artists and the teams around them. 

Another is through our label membership. Label membership for 2020 is still open and for a small fee you can make sure you get everything released this year – including this album on vinyl, CD or digitally. It’s a great way to discover your new favourite band while making sure you support artists in a way which sees them treated and paid fairly. More on memberships here – keep an eye out as our 2021 membership will be opening in the next few weeks too. 

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