Six Impossible Things #1

“Alice laughed. ‘There’s no use trying,’ she said. ‘One can’t believe impossible things.'”

Reckless Yes lettersSo, that was the first Six Impossible Things. Showing that whether you try or not, whether you believe, impossible things happen anyway. We all made something from nothing last night and it was marvellous.

When we announced Six Impossible Things we said that in some ways it felt like the simplest, most obvious way to put on a live music night if you don’t run a venue and in others it felt like a hugely ambitious and slightly ridiculous concept. But it was one we believed in – the idea of being all about the music while also being about the community that creates and loves it.

It was definitely a community vibe last night – Reckless Yes might have started this but last night wouldn’t have happened without lots of people supporting it and pulling together. So, here’s a hi-five for all of you:

  • everyone who came to the gig. You turned out on a school night to take a chance on a new thing in town. You were generous with your time, your good vibes and your money. We love you for that.
  • the venue – Good Green Cafe said a somewhat reckless yes to letting us use their space but it turned out to be the perfect setting for our first party
  • the bands – amazing sets from four awesome bands made up of lovely people (see links to their music below).

If you want to keep the good times going then here’s a few things you can do:

Six Impossible Things will return to Derby on Thursday 14 July 2016.

Oh – and in case you were wondering, here’s some of the songs we played (repeatedly) between the bands last night:

Camera Obscura – French Navy | Evans the Death – I’m So Unclean | Miss June – Clyde | LIINES – Never There | The Winter Passing – Nowhere Still | Altered Hours – Sweet Jelly Roll | Upset – Away | Art Trip and the Static Sound – Darlin’ | Lakefield – Don’t Waste Time | Skinny Girl Diet – Dimethyltryptamine | Skating Polly – Perfume for Now | Tacocat – I Hate the Weekend | Slutever – White Flag | Sonic the Comic – Buffy | Merrick’s Tusk – Kepler | The Lovely Eggs – Fuck It | Dystopian Future Movies – NYD

Next Reckless Yes show:

Bivouac with support from The Hudson Super 6 and Babe Punch
Thursday 16 June 2016
Tickets £10 in adv from here or £12 on the door.


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