Something from nothing

We don’t really have anything to say yet, but not saying anything isn’t really my style so I thought I’d blog a little background to Reckless Yes.

It has both the shortest of histories and yet is truly the longest of tales. It starts a few weeks ago but it begun many years before that. We were two comets orbiting the same scene in the same town for two decades or more but our worlds have only collided creatively in the last month.

It’s quite a lovely thing really.

This is my side of the the Reckless Yes.

It has been my thing for a little while now; this uttering of the Reckless Yes. It is the adventure you begin when every logical part of you is telling you no. It is the bird you flip at your own self-doubt when it tells you you’re not good enough. It’s the fear you face, the opportunity you throw yourself into. It’s the recognition that life is short, sudden and sometimes dark and (to misquote someone) it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.

Reckless Yes is acting on the desire to create something from nothing.

This one started just before Christmas. I knew of Pete, of course I knew of Pete. He was in local bands. He was in Cable for crying out loud. They were one of the bands that made me realise the small town I’d washed up in as a kid wasn’t the cultural wasteland it first appeared. In them, and others, I saw the colour of sound and heard the call to write that feeling down. Of course I knew of him.

And while I’ve done nothing as creatively important to his life he knew of Louder Than War, wrote for us sometimes.  And so it was when he pitched something in a few weeks back and we got talking about the DIY scene at the centre of his article.

It escalated quite quickly from there.

Before either of us really knew it I was providing a weekly recommendation for his radio show and we’d committed to working together to put on a full day, venue-based celebration of that DIY scene. Maybe a few other gigs. And perhaps do some DJing together. Who knows, given we’re both writers too, perhaps we’d bring punk rock to publishing and set up an imprint. Or put out some records.

But definitely RumbleFest. We would start with that.

I nudged him toward a Reckless Yes and so we became.

It’s been an exciting few weeks. There’s been a lot of ideas, what ifs and maybes. We’re sailing long stretches on a sea of possibilities, only anchoring with practicalities occasionally. There’s rarely a Reckless Yes which isn’t fun but this one is more exhilarating and creative than some.

This chapter we do together, we’re creating something from nothing, we’re saying a Reckless Yes.

Sarah x

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