Demo policy

Reckless Yes Records Demo Submission Policy

You should send anything you want us to hear to both Sarah and Pete – we make all our decisions together. We get sent a lot of music from a lot of bands. We listen to it all. We might not always email you back. Sorry.

Anything you send us we’ll listen to with a number of possibilities in mind:

Before you send us anything – listen to the records/artists we have already released and get to know the type of music that floats our boat. We like music that is interesting, left field, different and quirky of all genres. We’re not looking for the next Ed Sheeran. If you sound like the Foo Fighters, we’re not going to be interested, because Dave Grohl really has got that nailed.

Describe your band concisely – reference artists that influence you and be creative with your use of adjectives. We are much more likely to listen to your music if you say something like ‘imagine Pavement covering Black Sabbath with Captain Beefheart on vocals and you’re half way there – crunchy guitars wrestle with a quirky garagey rhythm section that together soundtrack the rantings of a tortured racoon.’  That one sentence conjures images that are intriguing enough to make us want to listen to your music.

If you write something generic like ‘we are a melodic indie rock band who believe strong songs and great live perfomances are key’. That tells us nothing that sets you apart from all the other bands sending us music. We can’t stress enough the opening sentence of your biog that describes your music is your sales pitch – your strap line, take time to get this right.

Tell us what you’re doing, how you’ve promoted your music so far, what gigs you’ve played and what you’ve got coming up. We have a strong work ethic and we like to work with artists who do too. You’ve got to be hungry and keen and motivated. It won’t matter how awesome the music you’ve sent us is, we probably will want to see you play live before commiting to releasing your music. We work with our artists as a team to make our releases a success and that means getting out there and doing stuff. Some links to any reviews you’ve had would be useful, but not essential.

Hit us with your BEST song/composition. If you’re linking to a soundcloud or bandcamp page, link directly to your most immediate ‘calling card’ track. We know what we like and you’ve got around ten seconds to make us go “Oooh, this is good.” That’s quite generous – you decide if you’re going to like a person within six seconds of meeting them.

If you’re looking for us to sign you – ask yourself ‘Is this ready? Is this the best it can be?’ It doesn’t have to have been recorded in a proper studio with an experienced producer (though that does sometimes help), but it does have to have been recorded well enough for us to take you seriously. If you knocked it up on your iPhone this morning, unless it’s exceptional, we’ll probably pass this time. Come back when you’ve recorded your music properly.

If you haven’t heard back from us yet, don’t send us another email. We’ll get round to you and respond accordingly. It can take us a while, we’re super busy putting records out, running shows as well as having proper grown up lives with our respective families.

Finally, please put “Majestic Unicorn” in the subject header of your submission email. We filter by subject, get a lot emails and we’d like to know you’ve bothered to read our submissions policy.

Good luck!