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Reckless Yes Records

A slight hiss of static, the click and clunk as the arm slides across, the bob of the needle as it hits the groove.

And then the music starts.

Formed in 2016 we’re a small independent record label specialising in vinyl releases. All our releases are distributed to UK independent record shops through Cargo Records.

As with everything Reckless Yes our deals are designed with the artist in mind and we tend to run a pay-it-forward model with profit from one release being rolled into funding our next.

You can buy our records in the shops, at our shows and in our online store.

Reckless Yes Records releases

  • RY001: Bivouac – Sweet Heart Deal / Deep Blue Sea Surround (ltd pale green opaque vinyl 7″) – 22 July 2016
  • RY002: Unqualified Nurse Band – Debasement Tapes (ltd translucent red vinyl / download) – 14 October 2016 – buy online here (free download with every record)
  • RY003: LIINES – Disappear / Be Here (ltd pure white opaque vinyl 7″ / download) – 28 October 2016 – buy online here (free download with every record)
  • RY004: Pet Crow – A Simple Guide to Small and Medium Pond Life (ltd aquamarine vinyl / download) – 24 February 2017 – order online here (free download with every record)
  • RY005: You Want Fox – Liar Liar (digital download) – 10 March 2017 – from all the usual download and streaming platforms, and our online shop here
  • RY007: Mower – Under The Iron Thumb (digital download) – 21 July 2017 – from all the usual download and streaming platforms, and pre-order available soon.

We are also looking forward to announcing details of some other releases for this year, and we’re a publisher of books also – find out about Reckless Yes Publishing here.