Reckless Yes records

Reckless Yes is an independent record label built on the DIY ethos but providing the means for artists to build sustainable careers over which they still have creative control.

Launched in 2016 the label distributes internationally across all formats (but particularly limited run vinyl, CD and digital) while bringing their artists closer to their fans, and helping them grow that audience through PR, playlisting and air play.

Find our roster of artists here and if you’d like to get in touch you can find our demo submission guidelines here.  Find us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn and sign up for our mailing list to get news on our releases first.

Reckless Yes artist management and live promotion

Alongside the record label Reckless Yes works in other areas to support artists and create careers over which they have creative control.

This includes as artist management to bands, including LIINES, where Reckless Yes are able to bring their experience across the industry to create direction and momentum, as well as offer support on the day-to-day running of a band.

Reckless Yes also offers live promotion – running their own gigs as well as working with external promoters (such as DHP, and DIY promoters across the UK) and booking agents.

Find us on TwitterFacebookInstagram, and LinkedIn and sign up for our mailing list to get news on our releases first.

Support for artists

We also offer support to artists not signed to the Reckless Yes roster in order to help them remain independent or to build a career where people are taking notice of them. This includes a range of services offered through our associated agency Noble and Wild such as digital marketing and PR.

Support is also offered through working with artists in our roles as journalists and broadcasters including on monthly radio show The Rumble, broadcasting on Radio Free Matlock.

Who are Reckless Yes?

Reckless Yes by Kristen GoodallReckless Yes is Sarah Lay and Pete Darrington. Between them they have worked across most areas of the music industry over the last two decades.

They bring all this experience to support their artists to grow sustainable careers but they also challenge and seek to work collaboratively to put ethics and the artist at the centre of all they do. They are both committed to making something from nothing and finding ways to challenge the established industry.

Reckless Yes has occasionally worked in strategic partnership with others of a similar mindset to provide even greater opportunities and better serve their artists.

More about Sarah Lay and Pete Darrington

Sarah Lay – Head of Creative and A&R

Sarah is an award-winning mixed bag of careers; a music journalist, author, music PR and freelance digital content and experience strategist. She leads on digital marketing, music promotion and PR for artists at Reckless Yes and leads our associated agency Noble and Wild to bring these services to other artists too.

She is a freelance music journalist currently writing for publications including Louder Than War magazine, Loud&Quiet, Drowned in Sound and Get In Her Ears, as well as being a host of Classic Album Sundays in Manchester.

Follow Sarah on Twitter, on Instagram, on LinkedIn, and Spotify. You can find out more about her content and experience work here and find her portfolio of music writing here. You can email Sarah at sarah@recklessyes.com.

Pete Darrington – Head of Product and A&R

Pete is a broadcaster, music journalist, award-winning playwright, DJ and musician. He leads on recording, product and distribution for artists at Reckless Yes.

He is the bassist in Cable as well as in bands GodNo!, Heavy Pets, SeiSui, and previously in The Hudson Super Six. As well as his own experience as an artist who has released music on a DIY basis as well as through independent and major labels, he has also toured extensively and tour managed others as well as worked in live promotion and artist management. He is also a broadcaster and freelance music journalist who has contributed to publications including Louder and Louder Than War.

Follow Pete on Twitter, on Instagram, and on LinkedIn. You can email Pete at pete@recklessyes.com.